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Play the original on Newgrounds.

Quick note : the original is nearly unplayable. it has plenty of performance issues as well bugs, it's nothing but an unfinished prototype of this game in platformer perspective.


Welcome to Drill Away 2, a game where you have to "Drill away" but unlike the first game, you also have to "Fire away" now, as you've got a gun in this game. this game is also more procedurally generated now. 


The goal is to get as many points as possible and not get caught by ghosts while you make your way to the right side of the level, exit the area completely from the right side to move on to the next level. REMEMBER, if ghosts spot you at least once, they'll keep chasing you until you shoot them, they'll also get a lot faster. they'll also kill you on contact.

Pick up gems scattered around the level to get yourself a new weapon, or an "Aura" which protects you for a short while from ghosts by killing them on contact, or just get a few more points.

  • W,S,A,D - Move around.
  • Mouse - Aim drill.
  • Left click - Fire weapon.
  • Space - Pause
  • F4 - Toggle full-screen.

Support me on Patreon if you can and if you'd like to, any amount of money you donate is greatly appreciated or if you'd like to make a one-time donation, then donate via this page, or follow me on Twitter.

Thank you for your interest and i hope you enjoy the game!


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It's pretty cool! The game froze once when I destroyed a block, not sure why.

It's a big improvement from the original game, keep it up!

This is odd... this actually never happened, not even once when i tested the whole thing. i'll check the game to see what's wrong, thanks for the comment though!